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KingSwap (Listed)
CANNA (ERC-20) Contract Address:

PancakeSwap (Listed)
CANNA (BEP-20) Contract Address:

Below you can read and follow our guides:

– How to add CANNA token and trade on Kingswap

– How to move CANNA tokens from BSC to ETH for trading on the KingSwap DEX

CANNA Buying/Selling Guide

Step 1: Go to the Kingswap website:

Step 2: Click on “Swap Tokens”

Step 2 will lead you to this page

Note: There are 2 options:

Swap: This feature allows you to “Swap” tokens for another token. In our case, we will be swapping any digital currency listed on the Kingswap DEX for CANNA.

Pool: This feature allows you to provide liquidity to the CANNA liquidity pool. To add liquidity, you will need to provide CANNA and XXX token in a 1:1 ratio. By doing so, you will receive 0.3% fees on all transactions that occur.

Step 3: Connect your Online wallet and ensure that you are on the Ethereum Network.

Note that if you receive this error, you are on the wrong network, and will need to connect to the Ethereum Mainnet

When your online wallet has connected to the KingSwap DEX, you will see:

From the picture shown below, Press “Select a token” (Red Arrow)

To buy/sell a token, press “Swap”

Step 4: Click on “Choose a list” below. Thereafter, select “King Luigy Pact”

Step 5: Select CANNA from the list OR import the CANNA ETH contract address

CANNA (ERC-20) Contract Address:

If you choose to import the contract address, copy and paste the contract address into the search bar and click “(Add)”

Upon successful enablement, you will see this

Step 6: Enter Amount of tokens to swap to CANNA, Click the yellow “Swap” button below

Step 7: Press “Confirm Swap” and approve the transaction in your online wallet. You will have successfully traded CANNA

Note: If you currently have CANNA balances on BSC, and would like to use the Kingswap DEX, you can use omnibridge at to convert your CANNA (BEP-20) to CANNA (ERC-20). Note that you will need both BNB and ETH balances for gas.

This is the landing page for omnibridge

Step 1: To connect your online wallet to Omnibridge, select “Connect” and select your wallet.

Once your wallet has been connected, the top of the window will look like this

Step 2: To select CANNA, click the area shown in the black box below


To add CANNA, press “+ Add Custom Token” as shown below

Step 3: It will lead you to the page shown below, where you will have to input the CANNA (BEP-20) contract address and click “Add Token”. Note that after you fill in the contract address, the other two rows will fill automatically

CANNA BEP-20 Contract Address:

Ensure you have sufficient BNB and ETH for gas. Thereafter, click “Unlock”, confirm the transaction in your online wallet, then click “Request” and confirm the transaction in your wallet. Congratulations, you have successfully converted CANNA (BEP-20) to CANNA (ERC-20). Should you wish to convert CANNA (ERC-20) to CANNA (BEP-20), follow the same steps in reverse.