The CanCoin
mobile wallet app

What is the CanCoin Wallet?

The CANNA wallet is non-custodial, allowing users full control over their keys, and their funds. The issue of custody over funds is a well-known pain point in crypts, due to the unexpected regulatory landscape changes including unforeseen centralised exchange closures or hacks which may result in a loss of funds. The signing of transactions in the CANNA wallet through private keys and blockchain technology helps safeguard funds in the wallet.

The Power of 
The CANNA Wallet

The blockchain-powered CANNA wallet is a mobile wallet that supports cryptocurrencies in multiple networks such as ETH/xDAI/BSC. It provides a secure encrypted system that makes it simple to store cryptocurrency with additional functions to view collections of NETS (Non-Fungible Tokens). It allows users to manage token addresses for quicker trans-actions including trading and access to DApps (decentralised applications).